Global Marketing Communications Firm - Creating a New Team Culture in a Multi-cultural Team

This Marketing Communications firm is a global leader in its field and a strong player in Asia. It had recently acquired another marketing firm and installed a new Executive Team in Asia. The team was multi-cultural consisting of British, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and American. Some were left over from the old firm, but most on the team were new, including the Regional director. Yet the Team Quotient was low and there was no sense of team; the new members brought in their own values and the old members brought the legacy from the past. The new Regional Director needed to establish himself firmly in the leadership role and bring the team together. He needed to install a new culture into the team. What further complicated issues was that team members resided in different countries, making frequent face-to-face communication very challenging.


After interviews with key team members to understand the individual dynamics, we conducted the TQ HealthCheck to understand Team diagnostics. a two-day offsite program was conducted. Significant time was spent on getting to know each other including activities to bond at a level beyond work. After the offsite was started, the team was ready to focus on creating a compelling Vision for the future. This included half day of in depth vision work. It was critical to create a fresh blueprint for this new team. After the vision work the group conducted the our proprietary “Live the Values” process, in which the team creates and takes ownership on those things, which are most important to communicate, work together and interact. The magic lies in narrowing the values down to a few only, with which all the members of the group can own and identify. After the half day Values work, the group created the “imperatives” for success.


The team transformation of this new executive team was a success, ending in much Higher Team Quotient. A strong foundation of trust, openness and transparency was built during the process. The Regional Director felt that in this very short time, the beginnings of a cohesive team were created. A clear code of communication was created. Sub groups were formed to lead projects, therefore ensuring regional team interaction. Where a dearth of culture existed, a new culture was being formed. The team learned not only to work together, but also to play together. As a result, they were recognized as The Best Agency of the Year.

Douglas Gerber is Founder and CEO of Focus One, a consulting firm that helps leaders create High Performance Teams. After 23 years as a corporate executive, he developed a reputation for building successful teams. Later, as a consultant, he has personally worked with leaders from over 70 companies to develop their own winning Teams. Drawing from his own extensive background and 10 years of research, Douglas innovated the concept of “Team Quotient” (TQ). He is a thought leader in the area of team transformation. Learn more about Douglas and his upcoming book Team Quotient: How to Build High Performance Leadership Teams that Win Every Time on

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