Frequently Asked Questions

Various Volunteer Tasks

  • Dog walking and playing time
    Cat Socialization and playtime
    Help with dishes / laundry
    Greeting adopters
    Bathing Dogs
    Grounds Care
    Special projects and events
    Jog-a-Dog dog walkers
    Transport drivers

Steps to Volunteer

  1. Complete the online volunteer application form.
  2. We will review your request and send you an invitation to participate in an external orientation.
  3. Follow the off-site orientation with an on-site orientation in the following week, you will be given a tour and your duties will be shown.
  4. If you want to walk dogs you must: Participate in a manager training orientation Train 6 hours with a qualified staff member

Volunteer requirements

To become an LCHS volunteer you must be at least 16 years old and be prepared to make a minimum commitment of two hours per month.

  • Volunteers that are 15 years old or younger are not allowed on the premises or at off-site events. This includes with or without parental assistance/presence.
  • Volunteers 16-17 years of age can volunteer at the shelter, but there are no off-site events. The volunteer cannot walk any dog. Parents must still sign all authorization forms with the volunteer.
  • Volunteers over 18 can volunteer at the shelter and at any off-site event. Volunteers will not be able to walk any dog until they have completed a special 6-hour training with the Manager and the kennel staff.

Alternative volunteer options

If you cannot meet the requirements to volunteer with us, but still want to give back, we have some options for you!

  • Start a fundraiser
  • Create a supply unit
  • Make toys for our pets
  • Coin operation: place empty bottles in local businesses (with the permission of the manager/owner!) To collect coins. When the jar is full, bring it to us!
  • Cake sales: ask a local merchant if you can organize a cake sale outside your business one day. Make bright posters to share with your neighborhood, church or on social media.
  • Birthday gifts: ask for donations to the shelter for your birthday instead of toys or gifts! Money, food, bedding, treats, garbage, any donation you want to ask on behalf of animals!
If you are interested in creating a fundraiser or starting a supply campaign, send an email to Sidney Hancock at

Schedule volunteer hours

If you are already a trained volunteer, you can sign up for shifts here.

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