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What is
The Collective TQ HealthCheck?


The Collective Team Quotient (TQ) HealthCheck is a diagnostic tool to determine the current and future state of the team. This allows teams to identify strengths and development areas, track progress and celebrate wins. Limited offer up to 15 members in the team.



Why take the Collective TQ HealthCheck?

  • Focus on the key areas to transform into a winning team 

  • Know your team score on the scale of Dysfunction to High Performance

  • Determine how focused team is on results

  • Understand the degree of alignment within the team

  • Know how well the team collaborates

  • Understand whether the team behaves in accordance with its values

  • Ascertain the trust level of the team

  • Measure to what extent the team is motivated, and enjoys working together

  • Know the strength of the team identity

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