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Personal Team Quotient
Personal TQ

Personal Team Quotient (TQ) is the degree to which a team member works effectively in the team context. It measures:

  • how effective you are in communication within the team;

  • what are your cooperation and collaboration capabilities;

  • your awareness of fellow team members’ styles, preferences, strengths and development opportunities;

  • how engaged you are with other team members and level of activity in discussions.


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Collective TQ

Collective Team Quotient  (TQ) measures the team’s ability to operate as a High Performance Team. Take the Collective TQ HealthCheck with your team to know:

  • Your team score on the scale of Dysfunctional to High Performance;

  • How consistent and effective the team is in delivering results;

  • Whether team goals and positions are aligned;

  • How well the team collaborates;

  • Whether the team knows what is important and behaves in accordance with its values;

  • The trust level of the team;

  • The team’s motivation and enjoyment in working together;

  • The strength of the team identity.


Take the Collective TQ HealthCheck for your team; Get a free quote from our consultant.


Collective Team Quotient

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